Eating Animals? Clearly not a good idea!

One thought on “Eating Animals? Clearly not a good idea!”

  1. Hy. I couldn’t ageee more with your amazing post. The fact that in the past we hunted animals and we eat them doesn’t mean we apply it in our present. Come on!!! We are smart humans beings!!! In the past we had cancer and we died from it. Now we can cure some of them. So why we don’t apply it with animals? In the past we killed them cause we didn’t have food stores and we needed to hunt but know we have so many foods and I don’t think is the human nature to eat them. If we don’t have any food is normal to hunt them to survive but we can live without them. I don’t eat animals. My diet is eggs, cheese, vegetables, fruits, nuts, olive oil. I have carbs intolerance so I can’t eat potatoes, rice or bread. I know eggs and cheese are made from animals. But I prefer extract milk from a cow that kill a cow. I don’t judge who eats meat but please stop saying is human nature to eat animals. Because is human nature to have headaches even so we take a pill for the pain.

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