The Wonder Of Christmas

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” says Andy Williams. I agree. Christmas is truly marvelous, it wakes up a feeling of universal connection I didn’t even know us humans had.

It all started as a religious celebration (some say it was actually originated in the celebrations pagans did in the Winter Solstice), but nowadays it is much more than that. Christmas has a whole universe around it, from carols to TV adverts, from gifts to advent calendars, from reindeers to yule logs, you name it! Like every other child, I always liked Christmas, it was great getting all those gifts, even though it was’t even my birthday. But now, I give it a much more profound meaning.

Reindeers always had an important role in Christmas. Even the pink ones...
Reindeers always had an important role in Christmas. Even the pink ones…

Since I went to college, I came to realize that Christmas is much more than buying and receiving gifts. Being alone in another city, far from my parents’ house, made me completely miss those long evenings beside the fireplace, watching Home Alone and just generally being excited about everything. In Christmas, people are happy, streets are flooded with lights and everyone seems somehow connected through a universal feeling of sharing. In other words, we all seem like the humans we should be (all year long).

Christopher Ingraham recently wrote an amazing article, based on Google Trends, showing the words “depression, anxiety, pain, stress, and fatigue” all have their lowest peak around Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Other research paper also noted a net decrease before this holiday, which may be explained by the christmassy (it is actually a word) feeling I was talking about earlier.

Christmas is interesting, even for researchers! Believe it or not, the gender differences in Christmas shopping have been evaluated! Needless to say, researchers concluded women bought much more gifts, started shopping much earlier and went much more times to the shopping centre. Even the phonetics of the Queen’s Christmas broadcasts were evaluated in an australian paper. Like I said, Christmas has a whole new universe of itself. No other holiday is even comparable.

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!” I hear through my headphones as I’m writing this. I’d say that’s the best warning of happiness us, humans, have.

Have a happy little Christmas, everybody!

P.S.: If you are feeling christmassy, just like me, you should give a listen to this amazing playlist!


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